meetrickIMG_0025In 2012 Rick Kelley was a tremendously capable general contractor and remodeler.  He was a former building official and a stickler for the details.  He wanted to bring in every project “on time and on or under budget”.  He had the little “integrity” caption on his email about doing the right thing when no one was looking.  This was a real “stand up guy”.

Rick’s problem…he spent so much time on running his business that he had very little time for Marketing.  And he had a goal.  Retire within 5 years and hand over his business to his ace assistant Dustin Dowell.  Dustin and his brother were great framers, but they needed to learn more about running a construction company.  So, Rick needed more business to enable multiple projects for both himself and Dustin to run.  More business equaled more experience and more money in the retirement fund.

JensenOne stepped in and took a multi-tiered approach.

  • Bring the website up to speed with technology.
  • Convert the website from a “knowledge” website into a “marketing” website.
  • Pitch Rick’s common core values, integrity, value, quality, reputation.

The job took three years not five.  Rick and his wife retired in late 2014.  The key to the success of the project was to incorporate Rick’s overwhelming testimonials from years and years of clients.  He had dozens of letters from them extolling the virtues of working with him.  He had just never thought to put them out on the web for people to read.  Next, we took steps to personalize Rick and allow him to speak one on one to his potential clients about his values as well as teach them about construction.  This helped change the myth that builders and general contractors were not approachable and just out for the buck.  We knew this wasn’t true with Rick, so we recorded a series of video sessions with him talking about his approach to his business and also talking about the work he was doing.

Rick and his wife are now retired in Idaho and Dustin has taken over the business which is still thriving!  See the site at:

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