cindy-royThe Bend Heroes Foundation (Bend,Or) had an awesome mission, honor our American Vets in any way possible.  Their first project was to get several highways in Oregon designated as memorial highways for the vets of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.  The next project is where we come in.  This was a labor of love for Mike & Cindy Jensen.  Both a job and a volunteer gig.

The Honor Flight Network was a program designed to honor WWII vets by taking them from their home towns back to Washington D.C. to see their WWII memorial.

Now, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to promote doing things for WWII vets, but it did take a well thought out strategy to raise over $750,000.  We built a great website around the mission and all the photos we’d taken.

We told the vets stories and took them to local corporations to solicit donations.  One of the largest donations came from Southwest Airlines who donated about 3/4 of the flights for the WWII vets.  We also solicited donated hotel rooms in Portland, Or. from our friends at Shiloh Inns!  We asked our volunteers to contribute $1,000 for the privilege of going along. We had a  long list of people lined up for that experience!