JensenOne-1450Kevin Peterman (Able Supply) is a man’s man.  A single man about 50, with two kids he adores!  He’s a straight talking guy who can occasionally put customers (and employees) off by his brusk manner.  But he’s got a good heart!  He just wants to excel in his business and enjoy his life in Central Oregon.  Kevin’s problem is that he really didn’t know how to market and he didn’t know anything about technology other than how to turn his computer on and get his email from Yahoo.

You see, Kevin owns and runs a 50 acre Rock Quarry!  He sells rocks and dirt!  Kevin’s problem, he needed to compete with the Big Boys in the area.  There were several “corporate” type quarry businesses in Central Oregon who were getting the largest slices of the pie.

Kevin’s advantage was that he had lower prices due to lower overhead.  He could compete!  His big problem was that he had a website designed in the Fred Flintstone age and no connections with the builders in the area.

Kevin hired JensenOne in 2010 to help.  Here’s what we did:

  • Immediately redesigned his website using new photographs which accurately showed the products and prices.
  • Targeted his website towards both builders and homeowners.
  • Convinced Kevin to hire someone with a “softer approach” to answer the phones and take the orders.
  • Connected Kevin to the local builders association and arranged for him to sponsor things like Home & Garden shows, Tour of Homes etc.

Results:  After six years of working with Kevin and the team at Able Supply he had banner years in 2014/2015 and is now competing and winning local government contracts as well.  He’s busier than he can even think about in the Spring/Summer months and now has time to go Fishing when he wants and Elk Hunting in October.

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