Meet Mike Jensen

Mike Is all about education

So much so that Mike was an elected member of the Board of Education while living in Bend, Oregon. Mike also taught at the local community college. Mike continues that today by being on the top of his game in knowledge about website design, marketing strategy and photography.

Experience = Excellence

Since 1980 Mike has built skills in management, local marketing and public relations. When the Internet emerged in the mid 1990’s Mike joined Sprint to help them develop their new internet based products. Along the way he became an expert at website design, web marketing and SEO (search engines).


Integrity means not changing aisles at the supermarket if we see you there. Integrity means charging you an affordable rate for a high quality product. If we make a mistake, we fix it at no charge. You’ve heard the old adage about integrity is doing it right when no one is looking. We like that!


Mike & his wife Cindy are big believers in enjoying their work. It’s not work if it’s a passion! Mike likes creating new, exciting websites and get him on a photoshoot and he’s really enjoying himself!

Travel & Photography

Mike and Cindy love to travel so it’s not unusual to hear they are in some other country or a national park when you call. It doesn’t affect our work because we can access everything we do from anywhere! As a photographer Mike served as an Artist In Residence for the National Park Service. You can view Mike’s photography at MikeJensen.Photography


Mike has served on the boards of many local organizations to serve his community. He was on the Board of Education in Oregon and also the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Board Member for the local Builders Association, Board President of several Unity Churches. Mike has also served as Exec. Director and Board Member for Habitat For Humanity. Both Mike and Cindy are Paul Harris Fellows for Rotary.