We are jensenone.

The driving force behind JensenOne Creative is Mike Jensen, our CEO. Mike has been in various segments of the business world for over 35 years and has excelled in each area.

Our approach is easy, we partner with you and your business to help you achieve your goals. We do it with marketing strategy, an online presence, awesome looking imagery and the most advanced technology possible.

Common Sense Business Partnership

Integrity, Informed and Affordable
We want to have the relationship where we never have to change aisles when we see you in the supermarket.

How we do it!

Ours is a family business and a pretty easy business model. We keep it affordable for you by keeping our costs down. No high rise overhead, no boats or race cars or corporate jets. You are pretty much paying for our time, that's it!


We are a GoDaddy Licensee which allows us to sell their products at our affordable rates. We use a well known CMS (content management system) for our website design. We hire 3rd party (American) coders when we need to. We are experts in the Adobe Creative Suite of products which allow us to stay affordable but look professional. That's about all you need to be a lean, mean creative design agency these days! Don't let those "country club" design firms convince you otherwise.

Website Design

Offering unique, affordable responsive website design for all business sectors, our Wordpress websites are efficient for us to design and for you to keep up. Click here to learn more about our website design.


Print ads, web ads, pay per click, budget. We work with you to blend it together and make it work.

We know you're good at what you do, but the internet world is a confusing place. We can help you decide what you need.


Every business needs to use images to sell their products. A photographer for over 50 years, Mike Jensen is an expert level, award winning photographer and can keep this part very affordable for you.


Your branding and your website are your most valuable marketing tool. It makes sense to hire marketing experts who know the web.

We can do all or part of your marketing for you. It usually starts with baby steps.

What do you need?

1 If you're not on the internet, you're not set up for success. You need a website to be successful today. And not one of those DIY websites. Not unless you've spent the last (almost) 20 years learning your way around web code, key words, search engine optimization and Google-ese. A good looking, informative website validates your business.

2 Communication is next. How to you find, retain and communicate with your clients. Email is a must! We can help you with the right email product. Do you need print or web ads? Do you use e-newsletters? How do you network? Chamber events, non-profit or civic boards, volunteering? They are all effective! What aobut your business cards? And oh, your elevator speech!

3 Do you need someone you can trust to get it done on time and on budget? We have some clients who we know their business as well as they do. We manage our part and they sell their products and train new people. What about social media? Do you have that figured out? We can help you manage your pages, Tweets and feeds.