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JensenOne Creative specializes in website design, photography, marketing & strategy.
JensenOne CEO Mike Jensen has spent over 30 years helping businesses such as Gilbert/Robinson, Applebee's & Sprint grow their bottom lines and products.
Our clients include a major smart home automation company, a universally known affordable housing non-profit, school districts, realtors, builders, city municipalities, a leading online retailer and many more!

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Offering unique, affordable responsive website design for all business sectors.


Print ads, web ads, pay per click, budget. We work with you to blend it together and make it work.


A photographer for over 50 years, Mike Jensen is an expert level, award winning photographer.


Your branding and your website are your most valuable marketing tool. It makes sense to hire marketing experts who know the web.

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Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen - CEO of JensenOne Creative has over 35+ years of experience in Marketing and Management along with over 20 years in website development. Mike is also an expert level, award winning photographer. Mike has worked with local Kansas City companies such as Gilbert/Robinson, Applebee's and Sprint. Mike is a big believer in the common sense, affordable approach to marketing and website design. He views JensenOne Creative as a partner to your company.

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